Samurai simian from New York


5’4", black fur, brown eyes. Wears a black sleeveless t-shirt that says “Danzig”, a homemade hakama, an AC/DC hat, and a studded leather sword belt with two katanas attached to it.


Two brothers, Hiro and Ichiro were chosen at a young age to train and become guardians of the sacred swords of their tribe. Ichiro dove into his training headlong, however Hiro balked at his destiny, and would avoid his lessons whenever he could get away with it. As the years went by, Ichiro learned all he could from the tribe’s masters. It came time for the Rite of Ascension, where the Wise Master would test his readiness to become a guardian. Hiro could not be found, and just as the test was about to be postponed, the tribe fell under attack by raiding humans. Ichiro and the tribe’s other warriors fought bravely, and the raid ended when Ichiro dueled and slew the raiders’ leader on the steps of the sacred temple. After the dead were counted, it was discovered that someone had murdered the Wise Master during the chaos of the attack. On the table beside the body of the Wise Master was a note from Hiro, announcing his intention to leave the tribe and go off into the wastelands. The tribe was enraged, and most thought that Hiro had murdered the Wise Master, but the masters of the temple preached patience, as there was too little evidence to say for sure. It was decided that because of his bravery and prowess during the raid, Ichiro had proven himself ready to become a guardian of the swords, but always before there had been two guardians. Ichiro vowed to take on the burden of both swords alone, and go into the wastelands, to find and return his brother, and prove his guilt or innocence. Only when the next generation of guardians was ready to take the swords from him would he return without either his brother, or the truth of the Wise Master’s death.


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